Patient Testimonials

Here’s what our patients are saying:

“Weekly for almost five months I had chemotherapy for stage 3c ovarian cancer, and Michelle Schreiber’s holistic approach reduced my symptoms from surgery and chemotherapy significantly. Michelle would treat me the day after chemotherapy to maximize results, and I have continued to work with her for over a year. She has cared for me with a combination of acupuncture, Reiki, and herbal treatments. Her treatments help condition my organs (especially kidneys and liver) to stay supple and help process the toxic chemicals of chemotherapy. I also suffered from numerous post-operation complications including an infected surgical wound in my abdomen; Michelle used acupuncture to help my digestive track to better combat the cancer and to help the wound heal faster. Her holistic approach continues to alleviate my side effects from chemotherapy including neuropathy, lymphedema, fatigue, a compromised immune system, and constipation. Every week she asks about my symptoms, records them in her database, addresses them straightaway, and I feel relief immediately. I am sincerely indebted to her care.” – FC

“When Texas Oncology mentioned acupuncture I was very open to it in spite of not knowing much about it. I was just desperate for any kind of emotional and/or physical help I could get.
I was surprised when I first met with you that you spent so much time talking with me about my condition, my concerns, and how you thought you could help. I appreciated that as I got further into treatment and my symptoms changed and grew worse you were able to modify treatment to meet my newest needs. I am a true believer that acupuncture can make a huge difference for chemo patients.” – JB

 “I want to say how grateful I am to you for helping me during a difficult time. The oncology massages were comforting and relaxing – just what I needed – and the companionship was priceless. You do wonderful work, Geri.  I wish you all the best and am truly grateful you entered my life when you did.”

“Before I started working with Beth, I was struggling with the first major medical diagnosis of my life. I was not sick, I was not feeling bad, but during a routine test I was given a diagnosis that sent me down the tunnel of fear into a world of invasive diagnostic testing and treatments that could have ended with the removal of a body part. I needed help to find my voice and stand up for myself in this tunnel of fear, and Beth was the anchor for me to connect within. Although we never met in person or even via video-chat, Beth’s voice became my guide over the 18 months that we worked together. Her deep compassion, wealth of spirituality, and personal first-hand experience with difficult health situations made her the perfect guide for me. Beth also put me in contact with scientists and researchers who could talk to me about facts, not fear. These contacts ultimately led me to find a doctor in another city who was conducting clinical trials on my condition, and with whom I was able to build a great partnership for a treatment that made sense for me. Throughout this experience with a medical conveyor belt of testing, diagnosis and treatment, Beth helped me stay grounded in my heart, my truth and my needs as a patient so that I could forge my own path to wellbeing.”
– ML