Mich Schreiber L.Ac.

Licenses / Credentials :

  • Texas Board of Medical Examiners Licensed Acupuncturist
  • National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Diplomate
  • International Certification Program for Oncology Acupuncture
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program for Acupuncture Oncology
  • IMS/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Advanced Training in Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient
  • Society for Integrative Oncology, Member
  • Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Member
  • PCOM/Pacific College of Health and Science; Doctoral Candidate (DAOM)
  • American University of Complementary Medicine, Post – Graduate studies in Classical Chinese Medicine
  • AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine; Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM)
  • University of Florida and Florida Atlantic University, BA in Sociology
  • Certified Radical Remission™ Workshop Facilitator
  • Certification in Nutrition from American Association of Nutritional Consultants
  • Austin Birth Awards – Best Acupuncture Clinic 2019, 2018, 2017

Mich has been practicing in the holistic health care field since 1997, including 21 years in Austin, Texas. As the founder and director of The Cancer Wellness Center in Austin, Mich also co-founded and co-owns Sage Acupuncture in Austin. Their heart passion is in working with cancer patients and survivors, helping each person navigate one’s own healing experience. Mich has spent several years in integrated clinical settings, including Tulsi Holistic Living in Washington DC and the Carl Vogel Center – a multi-disciplinary HIV clinic. In 2005, they co-authored a study on acupuncture and pain management with HIV patients. In 2006, they participated in a peer review of “Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology,” by the Art of Medicine Press. Mich is also a Radical Remission Certified Workshop Facilitator.

Mich is a Doctoral candidate at the Pacific College of Health and Science and received a Masters of Science from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. They have since undergone advanced training/certification and practice in integrative oncology, women’s health and fertility, and occupational acupuncture (a practice which aims to help heal musculo-skeletal injury). Mich has also engaged in further studies in Classical Chinese Medicine at the American University of Complementary Medicine, with esteemed senior teacher and Daoist priest, Jeffery Yuen.

A passion for food and nutrition, rooted in a lifetime of study, led Mich to complete training in “Food as Medicine” through the Center for Mind Body Medicine and Georgetown University Medical School. They are also certified by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Mich is a graduate of The Shiatsu Institute and Therapy Center in San Francisco, The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin, and the Asian bodywork program at AOMA in Austin, where they went on to assist in the Tuina department. Mich is also a Reiki Master and certified meditation instructor.

Outside of the office, Mich can be found spending time with family, exercising body and mind, cooking, volunteering, and playing drums and sound healing instruments.

A personal note from Mich:

“Through the experience of heartbreak and family loss due to cancer, I worked to create a holistic center focused on treating cancer patients and survivors. After witnessing my father battle four types of cancer over 10 years, I understand how overwhelming it is to keep up with the treatments, diet, exercise, nutrition, and more. This fueled my passion to create an integrative clinic where cancer patients can feel well taken care of. We work to address the side effects of disease and its treatments, keeping the immune system strong, and also in helping people who have been told they are no longer a candidate for standard treatment, and with palliative care.

There are as many ways to practice medicine as there are doctors and health care practitioners. Over the years I have refined the way that I connect with and treat each individual who we work with. I believe that this interchange is important to the healing process. Our whole team practices with this mindset, bringing to you the important combination of clinical knowledge, professionalism, and compassion.”

Abigail Karp L.Ac., Practitioner

Abigail Karp L.Ac. (she/her), earned her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from AOMA, The Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and has served as a Clinical Resident at AOMA, assisting in the coaching and supervision of new acupuncture student interns. In addition to her education in the world of integrative medicine, Abigail is a painter/illustrator with her BA in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. As both a health care practitioner and an artist, her treatments are influenced by a sense of intuition and sensitivity.

Abigail’s fascination with the transformative effects of acupuncture and herbalism for women’s health began through a personal experience healing the complications of Celiac disease. In addition to her education at AOMA, Abigail has trained with master herbalist Frank Cook during an intensive herbal program on the Northern Coast of Maine and later in the cloud forests of Costa Rica. During her time as a graduate student at AOMA Abigail has had the privilege to intensively study medical Qigong under the famous Master Li Junfeng, the principal founder of Sheng Zhen Qigong. In addition to specializing in Reproductive health, other areas of focus include digestive health, dermatology, and cosmetic Acupuncture.

Licenses / Credentials :

  • Texas Board of Medical Examiners Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
  • National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Diplomat
  • Trained in Acupuncture and Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation by renowned Cosmetic Acupuncturist Susan Krieger
  • Clinical Resident supervisor at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
  • Texas Association for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Member
  • Wild Medicinal Plants herbal training at Eagle Hill Institute
  • Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher, RMT

Katie Burke L.Ac., Practitioner

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a nursing degree in 2006, Katie Burke L.Ac. (she her), began working as an obstetrical nurse at St. David’s Medical Center in downtown Austin as a labor and delivery nurse. Working in a high acuity environment, she has had many years of clinical experience assisting women with diverse social and medical needs during their pregnancies. Being a labor and delivery nurse furthered her passion and desire to assist women to achieve optimal reproductive health at all stages of life.

Being a long time advocate of natural healing modalities, Katie graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture. She believes the best healing occurs when it happens in a safe and caring environment with a practitioner that is knowledgeable and compassionate. Katie is devoted to assisting clients in reaching their reproductive goals.

When she is not in the office she enjoys playing the violin, making jewelry, traveling to new places, and jogging at Town Lake.

Licenses / Credentials :

  • Texas State Board of Medical Examiners Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, AOMA Graduate School of IntegrativeMedicine
  • National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Diplomate
  • University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation

Christine Wetzel, Meditation Instructor

Christine teaches free meditation instruction at The Cancer Wellness Center. Her background includes administrating, developing, and teaching meditation in Austin. She has spent many years managing a diverse group of volunteers to maintain a formal practice and education environment. She is a meditation instructor and teacher of Buddhist studies. Her passion lies in helping others learn to use meditation in their daily lives