Meditation Instruction for Cancer Therapy

Serving Greater Austin Area

Meditation is a natural state of the human mind—at rest, open, alert. The practice of meditation has been taught for over 2,500 years. It provides a way to train our mind to settle into being more stable and clear. The professionals at The Cancer Wellness Center in Austin provide free meditation instruction in mindfulness/awareness, which is especially helpful for cancer therapy.

This ancient practice of self-discovery is rooted in the simple but revolutionary premise that every human being has the ability to cultivate the mind’s inherent stability, clarity and strength. Getting the tools to meet life’s ups and downs with a strong and pliable mind and an open heart is a potential benefit of working with a meditation instructor.

Meditation Instruction is by appointment. Please reserve your spot with our instructor, Christine Wetzl, by calling (512) 701-0515. Don’t forget to ask about our acupuncture and massage services.